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Exterior Painting Contractor

At 1st Painting Contractors in Orange County, CA, we have discovered an efficient approach through our own experience that helps us carry the type of quality exterior house painting care we promised you at the start.

Following are specific steps that we will carry out on your next Exterior House Painting project. Your exact situation may differ depending on your special needs as defined on your work proposal.

Pressure Washing

Thorough Washing

As per your request, areas to be painted will either be power or hand washed to remove dirt, foreign particles and mildew.

In order to do a paint job that last for years to come, you must do a thorough cleaning on the exterior of your house to remove all lose dirt and fluoresce so that the new paint sticks to the surface. This is the only way you will be able to make sure your next paint project lasts a lifetime making your valuable house look its best.

Although hand cleaning is the best option, most companies opt for a power washing cleaning since it’s faster.

We, at 1st painting contractors, prefer to do hand washing as this is the best way we can guarantee our paint projects to last a lifetime. Depending on the wall surface, we would also use pressure washing as sometimes it’s better. But overall, we use a combination of both methods.

We may first start with a pressure washing then follow through with a hand wash to make sure it is thoroughly clean and have a chance to carefully inspect for repairs on the stucco and side paneling.

We use proper equipment when it comes to performing every phase of our work to deliver a 100% satisfied paint job for our clients.

We make sure our workers use the necessary personal gear and on-site equipment to get the job done safely and precisely.

Washing down the exterior of your house is the most important element in the proper preparation and planning of your paint project.

Just like you would not anticipate the new paint to strive to stick to loose, goofy, and weak paint, when you apply a new bright coat of paint to dirty siding, it will surely fail to stick long enough for you to appreciate its beauty.

When you paint onto a dirty siding, the fresh coat of paint will fasten to the surface for the short-term. The paint viscosity will allow the fresh coat of paint to adhere to the dirty surface, but after a year or so, your house will start to deteriorate and the fresh coat of paint will start to come down and ultimately fail quicker than if it were applied onto a clean surface siding on an exterior wall.

Why Manual Cleaning is Your Best Choice?

When you pressure wash your wall surfaces, if you apply enough pressure to blast away all the dirt and mold, chances are you may carve your siding.

On the other hand, if you keep the nozzle farther away, it would not be enough pressure to remove all mold and dirt – you would only get rid of the majority of it.

This is one of the reasons manual cleaning is better than pressure washing. Another reason is because it is cheaper if you have to rent a pressure washing. Following are the supplies you’ll need to get going:

Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) is an inorganic compound, white color, liquid or granular and crystalline solid, extremely water soluble. It’s commonly used as cleaning agent, stain remover and degreaser. Mix half a cup of TSP with two gallons of warm water and come up with all-purpose cleaning blend that leaves no residue.

Stop mold in its tracks, don’t let it grow on your house walls. Mildewcide attacks the mold forming fungus on your house walls that mostly grow wild in humid weather conditions.

Contractor Sanding Uneven Surfaces

Surfaces to be Prepared

Based on your exterior painting request, all old and loose paint particles will be scraped off and all glossy areas will be shuffled through sanding. All gaps will be caulked to impede water invasion.



Professional Painting Contractor


Professional Painting

After areas have been repaired and caulked, they are primed and lastly a premium quality paint is applied to produce an outstanding finish





Immaculate House Clean Finish


Clean Finished

Clean up is done immediately after we finish painting. We carefully remove all paint fragments and we pack all our materials up, broom and mop all areas to leave an immaculate clean surface




Residential Inspection

House Paint InspectionWe rigorously follow a 7-point inspection as follow:Painting-1st Interior

  • Paint-Final After Carpet
  • Paint-Interior Complete & Punch
  • Painting and Coating
  • Surface Preparation
  • Wall Coverings
  • Texture Surface Painting
  • Proper Clean Up Stage

You have come to the right place as our painters do a thorough job from the start

Start on the Right Track

New paint adheres best on a clean surface. Using a strong pressure washer our painters remove all of the dirt, mold, and mildew, and allow the house to dry the appropriate time before any custom products are applied. We’ll go the extra mile and even power wash the walkway or driveway so that everything looks new if you’d like.

Do Proper Preparation

Everyone knows that the foundation of every great paint job comprises prepping the house surfaces before paint primers and final paints are applied. We know the exact types of degradation your home experiences because we’ve painted so many of them. From scraping, grinding and paper sanding to silicone caulking and sealing all holes, we use the most appropriate techniques in the correct order with the highest quality products to ensure your paint job will outlast your previous paint job.

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