Interior House Painting Services

Ceiling Caulking & Wall Painter's Tape Prep for Painting


Beautiful Finishes, Inspiring Paint Colors, Proper Care – You Get it All!

At 1st Painting Contractors of Costa Mesa, CA, we have found through experience that a methodical approach serves us to deliver top notch quality interior house painting services that we have promised you.

Below are the general steps we will take on your Interior House Painting project. Your situation may vary depending upon your needs as outlined on your Proposal.

However, it is our job to make sure every detail is considered per your request before we start the actual paint job.

Proper Floor Covering Painting Prep


Setup Before Painting

Floors are covered with plastic and held in place with painter’s tape, all items are moved to the center of the room and completely enclosed with new plastic sheeting.



Drywall Prep for Painting


Prepare Walls For Painting

Drywalls are washed to remove grease, dirt and holes, cracks, gaps are filled with joint compound on walls and ceilings, then sanded down to a smooth surface. Finally, clean wet clothes are rubbed on walls to remove all dust making it ready for the paint job.



Final Paint Coat Interior Painting



Paint Ready

Refurbished walls and ceilings are primed coated then premium top-notch quality paint is applied to a final homogenous finish making sure the surface painted has a smooth look.




Interior Paint Job Done

 Clean Up After Paint Job

All of the furniture and accessories protective plastic is removed and moved back to the customer preferred locations. Carpet floors are vacuumed and wooden floors are swept and mopped. Before we turn the final paint job to the customer, all of our materials are removed.



Interior Painting Inspector

Final Paint Inspection

After our specialist inspector reviews the paint job, the customer is invited to check and inspect our paint job and inquired to complete the feedback sheet for our interior house painting crew to hand over to the supervisor.


Your feedback is very important for us as our main goal is to leave all of our customers 100% satisfied with our paint job!

We are looking forward to serve you again in the future!


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