Living Room Color schemes For Your Home In 2021

Living Room Color schemes

The coming year, 2020, will see changes in many areas of Living Room Color schemes. Numerous brands are already making predictions regarding the interior house paint color ideas that will be popular in 2020, and we will be at the fore front setting the pace.

Our team of professional painters in Orange County have observed the interior design market and noted some color ideas that customers are likely to adopt for their houses next year, and you can adopt them too. If you are looking to change the color of the interior of your house, whether it is the bathroom or the living room, then these color ideas are for you.

Some of these color ideas are applied as at least two-color tone paints combinations, while others are single color paints combinations.


  1. Lilac Gray

lilac gray paint

If you love cheery colors that are also gender-neutral, the lilac gray is for you. The color features gray that has been injected with lilac to increase its warmth. In Orange County, designers are fond of using a variety of gray shades, and this option can be an exciting alternative.

Lilac injected colors have been popular in 2019, and this gray option will likely remain popular in 2020. A professional house painter can easily enhance the mood of your space with the lilac gray.


  1. Muted Pastels

muted pastel paint colors

Are you looking to stand out? Are you looking for paint colors that will not be popular among everyone? If you are, then muted pastels are ideal for you.  They are not bold, and they work to ensure you are not bored with them easily.

Muted pastels are gender-neutral and our interior painting contractors can use them in common areas in your house, like bathrooms and kitchens. What’s more, their use conceals regular scuff marks. In addition to muted tones, pastel derivatives can also be chalky.


  1. Chinese Porcelain

chinese porcelain paint color

The Chinese Porcelain color is suitable for reducing anxiety, promoting calmness, and encouraging sleep. It is a rich jewel color that offers more than aesthetics.

The color is a soothing blue, and it will encourage you to practice mindfulness. It will also promote slowness, and you will be more present in your life while feeling more hopeful. Use it on the interior side of your doors and as an accent wall.


  1. Gray and White

gray and white color scheme bedroom

For a minimalist space, gray and white colors are ideal for the walls. The combination of the two colors is not only spectacular, but it also makes the room look modern.

To enhance the modern look, you can have blueish furniture. You can also use other colors and styles with these hues on your walls.


  1. Beige

beige paint colors

Another neutral color to use in your cozy space is beige. You can apply it on one wall while maintaining the original colors of the other walls and ceilings. Then, ensure some of your decorations and furniture are also beige.

The color allows you to completely redecorate your space.


  1. Soft Clay

soft clay paint colors

A perfect alternative to the beige hue are the soft clay paint color shades. These include terra cotta, clove, burnt orange, and caramel colors. They are not your ordinary neutral hues, and they have a great deal of personality.

Our professional interior house painters in Orange County, CA advise that you must use the latest paint colors that feature soft clay tones.


  1. Mustard Paint Color

Mustard Paint Color

Are you looking to create memorable signature styles with your paint color? Then mustard is the color for you. You can use the moody and muted hue sparingly to form provocative depth. The small use of the color allows art and décor to be highlighted brilliantly.

If you want a substitute for gold color, then mustard is perfect for the job. It is a great addition to your walls, and you can accentuate it with furniture of a close color.


  1. Mushroom Paint Color

Mushroom Paint Color

If you want another gender-neutral color for your living room or other common spaces, mushroom shades will work for you. Mushroom colors are not only unique, but they also look appealing with natural finishes and furniture.

In case you are still stuck with rust and mousy brown paint colors in your old house, updating them with mushroom hues will allow you to renovate your home and still maintain your style.


  1. First Light Paint Color

First Light Paint Color

First light is a rosy and soft color that promotes optimism by encouraging you to use a variety of colors as the backdrop of your rooms. And it seems that there is a broad spectrum of gender-neutral colors because this one is part of that category.

First light offers an ideal substitute for beige, gray, or white. It is not only fresh, but it is also modern.


  1. Mist Paint Color

Mist Paint Color

To get a mist hue, your professional house painter will need to combine muted pastel green and blue with lilac and gray undertones.

This color style allows you to play with many colors. If you are looking to hide blemishes effortlessly, then a misty paint color is ideal.


  1. Pewter Paint Colors

Pewter Paint Colors

Pewter paint colors feature a combination of gray and beige. This perfect substitute for white walls can be used in every room of your house.

It can work with any color shade of your furnishings in any space.


  1. Dark Green Paint Color

Dark Green Paint Color

Green is the color of nature, and the dark green hue provides a room with a healing vibe. It gives the feeling of lush vegetation and nature.

Our professional painters think that this color can make a small room appear darker than it is. So, they advise that you should use it in massive rooms with sufficient lighting.


  1. Hazelnut


For a comforting, inviting, and warm hue, creamy hazelnut shades are ideal. If there is a room in your house that is too dark and needs some brightness, this paint color is perfect for your comfy space. The paint color will reflect light and give the illusion that the room is bigger than its actual size.

With hazelnut shades, you are sure that your furniture will blend well with the palette.


  1. Love Red

red paint colors for bedrooms

Powerful colors are exciting, but they can easily bore you with time. But if you like taking a risk and are okay with changing the color of your space often, the love red color is perfect for your living room.

To make it work, ensure that your furnishings are gray while all walls are painted red. Some accents like pillows and tiles can also be red.


  1. Earth Tones

earth tone colors for living room

If your furniture has intense colors, you can make them work with walls painted in earthy tones. They help you achieve an elegant space you will come to cherish.

These tones are also perfect for the bedroom.


What are the take aways from this article?

As you buy paint for your interior, remember to establish the kind of finish you want. You can get paint with either an orange peel or a smooth finish. If you want to hide some blemishes on your wall, be sure to buy paint with the orange peel finish. This finish also gives your wall an aesthetic appearance. But if you like your walls looking perfect, and you have a sizable budget, you can buy paint that has a smooth finish. While these are the main types of finishes, you can request your professional painter for other finishes, like comb, wrinkle newspaper or slap brush textures.

One thing color can do for the interior of your house is give it a character. A color like green makes your home feel like you are in nature, while the Chinese Porcelain paint color helps you exercise mindfulness. All these colors have deeper significance than the aesthetic traits they hold.

When you use the wrong paint color combination, these colors can give your interior decor an unfinished look. Your room will feel like something is missing. But when applied properly and the various accents are used well, your room will feel the elegance and completeness it deserves. This is the ideal outcome you want for the interior of your house.

Apply any of these hues this coming year and beat the neighborhood standard as you set a new style others would want to emulate.

Kathy is 1stPaintingContractors Home Tips Editor, from sunny Southern California. Her interests include Interior design, House Painting in and out Orange County
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