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Our First Painting Contractor has expertise in commercial business and residential projects for interior and exterior painting surfaces. Our Santa Ana Painting Contractors services include painting matching know-how, Dry Wall Repair, Ceiling Repair, Termite Damage Repair, Repair Dry-rotted Wood, Roof Repair, Water Damage Restoration, Patio Cover Repair and Rebuilds among other services.

We combine practical aspects of weatherproofing techniques with exterior painting to identify and correct problem areas that promote dry rot and termites like fascia boards and joints, unprotected decorative beams, patio cover ornamental craftsmanship and more.

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We take the time to prepare all of the wall surfaces prior to the actual painting. We especially take exceptional attention to Proper Floor Covering Painting Prepappropriately secure and protect your floor covering, furniture, decor and other valuables. Our Painting Contractor furnish all of our customers with a clean workplace, free of refuse and garbage, no exceptions!! All of our staff are completely prepared, and attentive to your needs. We strive to manage all of our projects with the complete satisfaction of our clients. We just utilize the finest top-notch paints and materials.

Preparing Wall Surfaces Adequately . . .

It’s all about prep time prior to painting. It all starts with a well-supplied and organized paint truck. Having all the tools and materials ready that a paint expert might need ready on hand and easily within reach bolster a quick and efficient painting job.

  1. Clear the area or Cover Furniture and Floors, put special attention on the edges
  2. Wash tarnished areas, specifically around corners and light switches
  3. Drywall sanding, patching and matching texture surfaces
  4. Use painter’s tape along with latex coat to completely seal the edge to get a super clean paint job with straight edges
  5. Pre-prime soiled areas where paint might bleed through
  6. Top quality paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Behr Ultra, and Benjamin Moore
  7. Expert experienced painters adept to cut in a straight line
  8. No job is done until everything is Clean Up and restored to original furniture arrangement

Additional services include: interior dividers, bearing walls, exterior walls, brick or stucco walls, porch floors or carport floors.

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Contractor Sanding Uneven SurfacesWe are an enterprise providing complete interior painting services with strength in residential interior and exterior walls.

Our attention to detail is unmatched . . .

1st Painting Contractors is not your average painting workmanship in Santa Ana, CA We take pride in our painting for they are engineered with the appropriate symmetry of function and esthetics defined by your satisfaction.

You can be assured that we’ll take care of business with our experience right the first time. In case you’re searching for a top quality expert to paint your property at a reasonable value, you can rest assured that our Painting Contractor is the organization you are searching for.

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