Lesser-Known Questions To Ask Painting Contractors

When your home needs to be painted and the job is bigger than a quick touch-up, it’s usually a good idea to put the job in professional hands. Not all contractors who handle residential painting work are created equal, though! You’ll want to review a potential contractor carefully before making any financial commitment to them. Here are some important questions to ask painters that many homeowners tend to overlook.

Ask Painting Contractors About Subcontractors

Many house painting contractors, especially ones that have aggressive marketing campaigns, end up soliciting more work than they have the resources to handle in a timely fashion. They often turn to subcontractors to fulfill their clients’ needs. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with a subcontracting arrangement, you need to be fully aware of such situations before painting starts. Make sure you’ll still fully protected by the proper insurance and licenses.

Discuss Wall Prep Thoroughly

Virtually any surface needs to be prepared before paint is applied to it. Some painting contractors are more conscientious about this process than others. You should verify with your potential contractor that all necessary preparatory work (sanding, scraping, patching, etc.) is both included in the contractor’s estimate and actually performed prior to painting.

Preferred Brands

Take the time to ask your painting contractors what types and brands of paint they normally use. For especially important jobs, you might have specific requirements for paint brands, but it’s usually best to leave this choice up to your contractor. You still want to know that your contractors will be using reliable, well-known premium brands, though! Examples include Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and MAB.

“Pro Bono” Painting

While they seldom use Latin to describe doing free work for the common good the way lawyers do, many painters do similarly donate their professional services to worthy causes. You shouldn’t expect to get free service from house painting contractors, but inquiring about any community service work they’ve done in the past can be enlightening. Contractors who invest in their community by donating their work are usually committed to staying in business and providing the best possible service to their customers.

Picking out your painters is an important decision. A rush or uninformed choice can leave you with poor quality workmanship and a paint job that needs to be redone in the near future. A carefully-weighed decision, though, can put you in touch with a reliable professional who will take care of all your painting needs for many years to come. Make sure you ask these lesser-known questions so that you improve your odds of finding the latter sort of contractor.