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Expert Painting Transformations for Your Home

First Painting Contractor has expertise in commercial and residential contracts for interior and exterior walls surfaces. We seek for excellence every time we paint a home or business in or outside.

1st Painting Contractors services in Tustin include surface preparation prior to interior and exterior painting, repairs for: dry wall, ceiling, termite damage, dry-rotted wood, roof, patio cover, water damage restoration and general restoration.

Worth in Our Competent Painting Service

An exceptional paint job is a wise investment on your property. As you may have wondered already, there’s a lot more to a great finished paint job than just applying two coats of paint to a wall surface.

We especially take exceptional attention to appropriately secure and protect your floor covering, furniture, decor and other valuables from the preparatory steps filling up uneven surfaces and sanding down to a smooth finish, then choosing the matching colors and paint brand for you house to the actual painting without forgetting the cleanup and final touchup, we provide value in every step through our exceptional service.

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Weatherproofing methods are an inclusive part of our practical strategy we combine with exterior painting aspects to diagnose and rectify common problem areas that tend to develop dry rot and termites like fascia boards and joints along the roof line, unprotected decorative beams, ornamental patio cover, gazebo craftsmanship and more.

We just utilize the finest top-notch paint brands and materials like Sherwin-Williams, Behr Ultra, and Benjamin Moore.

Delighted with Your Paint Job

We, at 1st Painting Contractors, depend a great deal on word of mouth endorsements and the amazing curb appeal that your neighbors admire to stop and inquire us for a business card. We strive to make certain that each and every one of our customers is absolutely satisfied with the painting job we’ve done. We’re confident that you’ll soon be among our fulfilled customers.

Painting Custom Finishes

Home Painting Custom FinishesWe pride of our expert matching custom finishes or a complete renown texture finish that will bring new life to your home interior painting, living room and kitchen remodeling services in Tustin, California.

When it comes to interior and exterior painting design in Orange County, California, 1st Painting Contractors is your number one destination. We provide top-notch quality remodeling and painting services to produce the fervent look you want.

We have over 12 years of experience in all types and areas of including carpentry and remodeling as well as painting and finishing. We know that a home’s enjoyment depends widely on its artistic uniqueness. Thus, we are known for having creative ideas and know-how to elicit from. Whether your home or office space requires professional remodeling, a custom fresh coat of paint or faux custom finish painting, we offer our expertise for you. We are indeed your number one choice at Tustin painting contractors and kitchen remodeling authority.

Following are common spaces whose décor we have transformed into unimaginable treasures:

  • Homes
  • Kitchens/Bathrooms
  • Add-On Suites
  • Game Rooms
  • Guest Houses
  • Conference Rooms
  • Business Offices
  • Gazebo Designs

Home Painting Transformations

According to Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and others, most homeowners would like to integrate more color into their homes.

We understand what you want! — we all love a color burst, but making big adjustments to our domicile look can be scary. If you want the House Painting Before and Aftertransformation to look its best, a house makeover will cost money for it is best that a professional handle the work. Just a fresh paint coat with a different shade will make your furniture and space draw a whole fresh look.

A fresh coat of paint can create a big contrast on the look and feel of your home. If you are not a color expert, it’s difficult to know what colors and shades are best amidst the continual array of options.

Are you looking for fresh ideas? To commence National Painting Week “dedicated to the power of color to transform rooms, homes and entire communities” runs from May 19 to 29.

For the past five years, Sherman Williams have celebrated National Painting Week. This is a whole week devoted to the potential paint color has to transform surfaces, spaces and homes. Sherwin-Williams employees at more than 4,000 stores across the US take their paint and paint brushes to partner with local organizations in need of a bright coat of paint color. Sherwin-Williams gives back to communities during National Painting Week to reinvigorate spaces and make brave influence. Through paint and brush, they display what a big contrast a simple coat of paint can generate.

A fresh coat of paint is the best weapon in a budget decorator’s depot! Do you really trust it? The best way to entice people to really visualize the fascination and power paint can do, is to demonstrate some incredible makeovers.

Painting Venture Inspiration

Sherwin-Williams attract help from various enthusiasts including designers and painting professionals, and décor color specialists during National Painting Week. They supply you with the tips and inspiration ideas you need to get going on your next painting venture.

Kitchens & Bathrooms Makeovers

Perhaps you have grown weary of your kitchen décor and you are nostalgic with the thought of throwing away flawless functional kitchen cabinets and appliances. Or maybe your kitchen that was once a cozy place, is now extremely outdated and just a total kitchen makeover will solve your uneasiness.

When it comes to small makeovers, zero in one area you think it can make the most impression. Replacing out a light fixture and a bright new coat of paint may be all that you need to do to enliven the look. If you are considering a complete remodeling venture, you’ll need to start with a structural change of the room first, it would be best to start with a draft layout that includes appliance locations, wiring, power outlets, light switches, flooring, plumbing and drywall replacement.

Selecting the proper functional kitchen cabinets is a very important decision you must make during the initial planning process. Make sure you use the corners where older style cabinets don’t make the best use of them. It would be a good idea to find ways you can do to recycle whatever you can from your old kitchen and get ideas from your kitchen designer and contractor that you can incorporate into your new design.

Master Suite Addition

Master BedroomOnce you finish your master suite remodeling, you would be able to bathe in luxury. It’s best when you can find the space to add a room to the suite – either by adding an extra area on to the house or by taking away unused areas from adjacent rooms – the sky is the limit to your imagination.

Adding a balcony or even a private deck area has the potential to become your morning relaxation spot while you sip on your favorite tea or coffee. French doors would add a unique personality to the room.

A dedicated fireplace in the master suite would add supplementary coziness, warmth and fervor for you to enjoy with your spouse. A gas furnace fireplace can create added convenience, which can be controlled remotely without getting out of bed. It can be discharged through the ceiling or an exterior wall with plain and smooth duct line. These types of fireplaces can serve a double purpose of adding décor to your master suite and provide warmth during the cold season. It could be used as the dividing piece between the master suite of the sleeping area and a living room area.

Bathroom alternatives are almost limitless. Master bathrooms are quite often a continuation of your home’s master bedroom as these are generally situated contiguous to the master suite.

Double wood vanities, polished tile floor and walk-in closets are the norm, but you can excel in the details and material finishes to make it one-of-a-kind. One detail that can add extra comfort is radiant heat under the tiles. You’ll always feel the warmth under your feet on your way to the shower.

Sophisticated closet finishes with various kinds of woods and captivating hardware handles can add that alluring look and elegance. You can custom make your closets to almost any size so you are able to use it with a variety of cloth hanger sections, drawers and open shelves. As part of the custom design, you should include from the start, a special section for her and him only

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