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Create the perfect look you want for your home with plentiful of customized designs to choose from and give your house the special appeal you have always imagined.

Sand off Walls

It’s important to sand your walls and leave a smooth surface. Next step is to thoroughly clean walls from dust and other debris

Patch Holes

All the walls need to be prep first patching holes and doing other repairs to have even surfaces.

Paint Your Walls

Walls may need to be primed first, then apply the first coat of paint and allow it to dry before applying the second coat

Create your Dream House Wall Surfaces Today!

1st Painting Contractors thorough system of Preparing your wall surfaces prior to painting gives your house the wall finish you can be proud of for years to come.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We offer a complete line of Polymer Gloss Medium that will protect your home from soaring temperatures. These substances reflect both the sunlight and radiating heat away from your walls.

Fashion Trends

Our professional hand-crafted painters create stunning murals for your home

Industry Experts

Amazing texture wall creations for your special interior spaces

CutWater Repellent Paints for Flat Roofs

Water proofs your roof 100% and it will prevent your roof from leaking

Painting Process

Preparing the House for Painting
Painting the House
  • 01

    Preparing the House for Painting

    * Clean the surface of the house
    * Remove any defective paint
    * Make any necessary repairs
    * Figure out how much paint you're going to need
    * Prime the surface
    * Choose your paint
    * Mix your paint

  • 02

    Painting the House

    * Decide which paint application method to use:
    * Brush, Roller, Spray
    * Paint the sidings
    * Apply a second coat
    * Paint the trim

  • 03


    A Luxury Painted House is Ready

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